Lust/Must! Gucci VS Steve Madden!

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I am super excited about this Lust/Must post!!!! 
It's been a long long time since I've done one but instead of it being weekly, I think I'd much rather make it a monthly thing!
I, like many other fashion loving individuals, have been obsessing over Gucci's Princetown Mule. But, the highly coveted slip on starts out at a cool 600 buckaroos! I've seen plenty of knock-offs in my search of the perfect look-a-like, but I just couldn't find the right one. I had almost given up when I came across these Steve Madden mules on! Like, why didn't I look there first?!?!
Not only were there different styles and colors, (and the fur lined, which is faux fur unlike the Gucci mule that is lined with poor kangaroo fur, and almost 1k! Not cool!) they were right in my price range, starting out around 80 bucks and free shipping of course!!! I bought a pair right away and I can't wait to wear them with everything!!!
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I ended up buying these cute ones with the bees, but I'm dying to get the silver ones!! You could literally buy 6 pairs for the cost of one pair of the Gucci ones! 
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Shout out to Steve Madden for making super cute shoes at affordable prices!!

But, if you've got it like that and want a pair of the Gucci mules, just click on the banner below!

NORDSTROM - Spring '17 designer collections have landed

(And good for you for having it like that!!)

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