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Michelle Williams


Ever since I was first introduced to her as Jen Lindley on Dawson's Creek, I have had the largest girl crush on Miss Williams! I mean, look at her! She's like Brigitte Bardot meets girl next door. Beautiful, yet relatable. 
Did you know she was on Baywatch five years before her breakout role on Dawson's Creek?!? She was among the 90's gals that I, and many others idolized in our teens. Then she went and lived our teen dreams by hooking up with Heath (freaking) Ledger!!

Remember when?
RIP Heath Ledger

Since then she has really come into her own, taking what I would consider more serious roles, aside from Oz, The Great and Powerful. I mean, I liked that movie but it wasn't necessarily serious.
She's won numerous awards for her roles from Brokeback Mountain to the more recent Manchester by the Sea. 
I really loved her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in My Week with Marilyn. She won a Golden Globe for that outstanding performance.

Michelle's personal style is not unlike my own. That probably stems from the fact that I have followed her from the beginning. She definitely has that East-coast, down-to-earth style! 


Since he replaced Marc Jacobs as creative director for L.V. in 2013, Nicholas Ghesquiere has had many muses, among them is non other than our style icon! She's been doing ad campaigns for them since 2013!

Michelle Williams is a Style Icon for the ages. 

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This Week's Links!


This week went by pretty quickly and I love when that happens! There's really nothing worse than a work week that drags by so slowly, you literally think you're never going to make it to the end! Now, granted I do work in retail, so the weekends aren't much of a rest, but I've come to accept that. For me any time I'm off two days in a row, no matter the days they happen to fall on, that is my weekend! Weekends off are great though because if The Hubs is off, we finally get to spend some QT with one another! This weekend, unfortunately, is not that weekend. He's off and I'm working. Next weekend I'm off and he'll be working! Ain't life grand! 

Here's this week's links! Enjoy!!

International Women's Day was this week! Here's a brief history!

Ok, this was actually last month, but here's J. Crew's Fall 2017 RTW Collection. Love!

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday! Spring forward! Who's To Blame For Daylight Saving Time?

My Favorite Sunglasses for Summer!! (and life!)


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All of these styles are cute and affordable!


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Completely obsessed with ray-ban sunglasses, as always, but I am totally lusting after the gold framed erica style. I've only ever seen them available through Macy's, but one day I will have them! 


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Ok, Ok, this last set is waaaaaaay way out of my price range but I still think they're beyond fabulous! Even if I would never spend that much on sunglasses!